Exercises to Avoid If You Have Sciatica Nerve Pain

Sciatica nerve pain is described as a radiating back pain that can worsen when you cough, sneeze or sit down. The nerve pain is commonly caused by a herniated intervertebral disc, which puts direct pressure on your exposed sciatica nerves, resulting in incapacitating pain. If you’re suffering from sciatica nerve pain, there are several movements and exercises you should avoid as to not worsen the injury.

Excessive Hamstring Stretching

When suffering from sciatica nerve pain, the hamstring muscles in particular are very sensitive. When you stretch out your hamstring muscles, you’re indirectly stretching your sciatica nerve. Any excessive movement or added pressure on your lower back can lead to more pain and a delay in your recovery time.

Full Body Squats

This is perhaps the most dangerous exercise to do if you have sciatica nerve pain. Regardless of whether or not you use barbells when squatting, this type of exercise should be avoided altogether. The weight of the barbells resting on your shoulders adds compression to your lower back and can even cause another disc to herniate.

Leg Lifts

Any type of movement or exercise that requires you to try and keep your legs straight will put pressure on the spinal cord. With a condition such as sciatica, you want to try to relieve pressure from the lower back. Leg lifts can further complicate sciatica nerve pain and should be avoided.

Bent Over Rowing

The form and posture you must maintain when performing a rowing exercise is somewhat foreign to your spine’s natural shape and can even disrupt its structure. Any type of rowing motion can lead to extra inflammation and infection on your exposed nerves.

Sciatica nerve pain can impact the quality of your daily life and cause constant discomfort. It’s important you seek medical attention at the early signs of nerve pain to avoid further injury. At Manhattan Sports Therapy, our Manhattan sports medicine doctor can offer state-of-the-art treatment to rid you of your pain. Call (646) 798-1330 today to learn how we can help.