Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • Should You Use Heat or Cold for Sore Muscles?

    There isn’t an athlete on the planet who is unfamiliar with muscle soreness after an intense workout. Many people choose to help alleviate some of this soreness and improve recovery time to get back into the game faster by using either thermotherapy (heat) or cryotherapy (cold). Both have been proven to relieve muscle pain, but which one is best? To answer this old question, it’s important to take ...
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  • Preparing for Graston Technique® Treatment

    If you’ve been experiencing back pain, wrist tendonitis, neck pain, or other forms of body and joint discomfort, the Graston Technique® may be a therapy option to help treat your pain. The Graston Technique® uses special steel instruments specifically designed to move and stimulate soft tissue. When used as the main component of a sports therapy treatment plan, the Graston Technique® can assist ...
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  • Olympians at Rio Take to Cupping Therapy

    With the Summer Olympics in full swing, many viewers have noticed that a few competing athletes have pepperoni-like bruises on their backs, shoulders, and legs. These bruises, while may cause some to be concerned, are a result of an ancient therapy technique called “cupping.” Cupping is more widely known in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, especially China. Cupping consists of having round ...
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