Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Avoiding Back Injuries This Holiday Season

    While it’s often a thought that is left unnoticed, paying special attention to your back care and practicing precaution when doing simple holiday tasks can help avoid suffering from painful back injuries. In this blog, our Manhattan sports therapist explains how to best protect your back from strains this holiday season. Prolonged Standing It’s very likely you’ll be invited to various holiday ...
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  • Preventing Muscle and Tendon Injuries in the Workplace

    A majority of us go to work every day, and spend upwards of eight hours sitting in a chair. While this sedentary lifestyle seems harmless, many people begin feeling the discomfort associated with performing the same or similar tasks repetitively – typing and sitting in awkward positions can take a toll on your tendons and muscles. In this blog, our Manhattan sports medicine doctor explains how to ...
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