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Harvard Now Endorses Chiropractic Care

Recently, publications produced by Harvard Medical School have referenced the importance and validity of chiropractic care. Most medical establishments do not endorse chiropractic medicine on any level, which is why reading the glowing reviews from a school as notable as Harvard is so surprising. The publication compares chiropractors to primary care positions, declaring them equal in their abilities to treat patients suffering from lower back pain. This endorsement could go far to open the eyes of the medical community and combat the bias that currently exists in the chiropractic field.

The mentions of chiropractic care appeared in Harvard Health Letter, a segment of Harvard Medical School’s health publications. The Harvard Health Letter is arguably one of the most popular Harvard publications and is relied on my numerous alumni and medical professionals around the nation. Recently one of the Harvard Health Letter issues featured an article titled “Where to Turn for Lower Back Pain Relief.” In this article, the author suggests that those dealing with lower back pain seek help from either a primary doctor or a chiropractor, comparing the effectiveness of each with equal measure. In fact, later in the article the Harvard Health Letter actively seeks the opinions of a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

This isn’t the first time Harvard has expressed an appreciation for chiropractic care in its publications. Back in 2014, a report on back pain included information about chiropractic medicine. Again, in 2015, Harvard Medical School published a Special Health Report on “Pain Relief: Natural and Alternative Remedies Without Drugs or Surgery.” This report included a section on chiropractic care and also featured two patient stories about their successful experiences with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care has long since been a point of speculation among medical professionals. However, as established organizations, like Harvard Medical School, begin to open their eyes to see the methods and effectiveness of chiropractic care, the skepticism begins to drop.

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