Blog Posts in October, 2017

  • What is Runner's Knee?

    Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as “runner’s knee,” is considered the most common running ailment. The stress from running can cause irritation under, slightly above or below the kneecap, which is why runner’s knee isn’t a specific injury. Common causes of runner’s knee include: Overuse, especially if you constant perform repeated bending or high-stress exercises such as lunges or ...
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  • Injuries You Shouldn't Still Train Through

    While physical therapy and rehabilitation can sometimes be painful, not all pain is considered the good kind. If you’re pushing through pain, you’re putting yourself at a far greater risk of losing what you have gained from rehab than if you were to ease up on your exercises. There are several types of injuries that you cannot train through whatsoever. The following are injuries you shouldn’t ...
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  • How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist

    If you have suffered a serious injury, your doctor may recommend that you undergo physical therapy . On the other hand, you may also be able to refer yourself to physical therapy. Whether you ask a friend who may have been to physical therapy or searching on the internet, finding a physical therapist is quite simple. However, which one is the best choice for you? The following are important ...
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