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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • Does Physical Therapy Hurt?

    If you are set to undergo physical therapy to recover from your injury or surgery, you may be wondering “does it hurt?” While the answer is often “yes,” it’s a good kind of pain. “Good pain” occurs when you obtain a high level of therapeutic benefit, especially during an endurance exercise or strengthening. If done correctly, therapeutic exercise produces a gradual increase in “burning” sensation ...
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  • Can Awkward Sleep Positioning Cause Carpal Tunnel?

    Sleep is an integral part of our daily function, helping us recover from the wear and tear our bodies endure after each day, as well as repairing and growing tissue, like bone, muscle, and nerves. Additionally, sleep positioning is just as important in order for your body to heal properly. So if you sleep the wrong way, it can be detrimental to your health. If you are experiencing any pain, ...
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  • The Rehab Process Following Tommy John Surgery

    One of the most common injuries we see in baseball is a fully or partially torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). This occurs when a pitcher throws a pitch, then grabs his elbow. In most cases, these players choose to have Tommy John surgery to reconstruct the UCL. The process of rehabilitation to return to a level of playing equal to before the injury often takes approximately a year for pitchers ...
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  • How Long Will It Take to Recover From ACL Surgery?

    If you have scheduled surgery to repair a torn ACL, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the recovery timeline and know what you need to do to remain on track during the healing process. In general, from the time you first undergo surgery through full rehabilitation, the recovery process can take up to six months or more. While your doctor may provide certain recommendations ...
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