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  • Study Reveals Many Lower Back Pain Treatments Are Ineffective

    The Lancet medical journal released a series of 3 papers revealing disturbing facts regarding lower back pain. According to the journal, lower back pain plagues over 540 million people around the globe and is often mistreated by medical professionals. Many working people experience short-term lower back pain and commonly report reoccurring episodes. The most common treatments include the use of ...
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  • Side Effects of Poor Posture

    In many cases, instances of back, neck, and shoulder pain share a common culprit: poor posture. Even if the original source of pain is an injury or a deeper medical issue, it can make pain significantly worse than it needs to be if you slouch, bend from the shoulders, or commit any other kinetic no-no’s when sitting, standing, or moving about. If you struggle to maintain proper posture and are ...
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  • Harvard Now Endorses Chiropractic Care

    Recently, publications produced by Harvard Medical School have referenced the importance and validity of chiropractic care. Most medical establishments do not endorse chiropractic medicine on any level, which is why reading the glowing reviews from a school as notable as Harvard is so surprising. The publication compares chiropractors to primary care positions, declaring them equal in their ...
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  • What’s Really Causing You Lower Back Pain & How to Fix It

    Countless Americans suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis. This can be attributed to a number of external and internal factors, and yet there doesn’t seem to be an exact way to solve this concern. Many medical professionals suggest back surgery as a fix-all to most back problems, though we at Manhattan Sports Therapy feel nothing could be worse than putting your body under the stress of ...
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