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  • Side Effects of Poor Posture

    In many cases, instances of back, neck, and shoulder pain share a common culprit: poor posture. Even if the original source of pain is an injury or a deeper medical issue, it can make pain significantly worse than it needs to be if you slouch, bend from the shoulders, or commit any other kinetic no-no’s when sitting, standing, or moving about. If you struggle to maintain proper posture and are ...
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  • Painful Work Setups: The Importance of Ergonomic Design

    If you are like the vast majority of Americans who work full-time or even just part-time, then you have felt sore at the end of the workday more often than you would expect. Indeed, for so many people, they feel both soreness and stings of pain each and every day they go to work. Is this just a consequence of manual labor? Or, is there more going on here that needs to be addressed? Your Workplace ...
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