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    At Manhattan Sports Therapy, we take an innovative approach to treating physical injuries, sports injuries, and herniated discs. In addition to being a skilled NYC chiropractor, Dr. Nemirovsky is a highly trained spinal specialist who combines the most effective, proven principles of:

    Sports Medicine • Physical Therapy • Chiropractic • Nutrition/Lifestyle

    Dr. Nemirovsky, NYC chiropractor, offers a very effective drug-free, hands-on approach to addressing pain caused by disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Using broad diagnostic and treatment skills, he brings significant spinal improvement to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, particularly back pain and neck pain.*

    From top athletes to on-the-go, hardworking people, NYC chiropractor Dr. Nemirovsky expertly treats all patients suffering from sports, exercise, and overuse injuries. Herniated discs and other disc problems, as well as headaches, muscle strain, and flexibility and mobility issues are also among his top specialties*.

    Dr. Nemirovsky, provides conservative, non-surgical, non-invasive therapies as a proven, first-line approach.

    Choose an evidence-based NYC chiropractor for expert:

    • Diagnosis: Isolating the pain source and identifying the systemic causes
    • Optimization: Treating affected areas to eliminate pain and improve overall function
    • Prevention: Correcting biomechanical problems with rehabilitation to address imbalances

    Spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustment, are the more widely known procedures performed by NYC chiropractors like Dr. Nemirovsky. Restoring joint mobility through application of controlled force frees hypomobile, restricted joints of the pain and stiffness caused by trauma or wear to the surrounding tissue. In doing so, the inflamed tissue is given the opportunity to heal for long-term functional improvement, a key benefit of seeing a NYC chiropractor.

    Diagnosis and Evaluation with a NYC Chiropractor

    In evaluating the cause and treatment of your specific condition NYC chiropractor, Dr. Nemirovsky, will employ a combination of chiropractic, sports medicine, and physical therapy modalities. Clinical examination, laboratory testing, and diagnostic imaging will all be considered in designing your treatment plan. Rarely does treatment with a NYC chiropractor cause discomfort, though some mild soreness following adjustments is normal and usually subsides in 12 to 48 hours.

    For the vast number of physical disorders and injuries, the combined expertise of a NYC chiropractor, physical therapist, and sports therapist can lead to dramatic improvement in pain reduction, strength, and mobility. In their NYC chiropractor center, Dr. Nemirovsky and his staff urge patients to explore the benefits of his combination therapy prior to relying on long-term drug regimens that mask pain or delay treatment, or more invasive surgery that brings risk and long-range recovery.

    Should your condition warrant additional medical consultation, Dr. Nemirovsky will readily refer you to the appropriate health care specialist for further evaluation and treatment.

    NYC Chiropractor – Treat & Release Philosophy

    While patients often express concern about being tied to a NYC chiropractor for long periods of time, Dr. Nemirovsky is dedicated to treating patients to optimization only. Patients are never pressured into unnecessary maintenance, but are welcomed back for follow-up care whenever needed.

    Chiropractic Research

    The tremendous potential, safety, value, and effectiveness of chiropractic treatment are widely proven to meet a range of medical concerns and healthcare challenges. Following are excerpts from leading chiropractic studies.

    In Comparison to Other Treatment Alternatives

    “Acute and chronic chiropractic patients experienced better outcomes in pain, functional disability, and patient satisfaction; clinically important differences in pain and disability improvement were found for chronic patients.”

    – Haas et al. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 2005

    Patient Satisfaction

    “Chiropractic patients were found to be more satisfied with their back care providers after four weeks of treatment than were medical patients. Results from observational studies suggested that back pain patients are more satisfied with chiropractic care than with medical care. Additionally, studies conclude that patients are more satisfied with chiropractic care than they were with physical therapy after six weeks.”

    – Hertzman-Miller et al. American Journal of Public Health. 2002

    Popularity of Chiropractic

    “Chiropractic is the largest, most regulated, and best recognized of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions. CAM patient surveys show that chiropractors are used more often than any other alternative provider group and patient satisfaction with chiropractic care is very high. There is steadily increasing patient use of chiropractic in the United States, which has tripled in the past two decades.”

    – Meeker, Haldeman. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2002