• Pain Management

    Pain Management NYC

    At Manhattan Sports Therapy, our patients’ comfort is our top priority. Whether you suffer from an acute injury or a chronic disorder, treatment of your pain symptoms will be given the same attention as your condition itself. Dr. Nemirovsky is compassionate about the debilitating affects of pain on your daily life. His therapeutic treatments are a careful blend of the latest in both interventional pain management and conservative hands-on care.

    Patients suffering from neck and shoulder pain,
    lower back pain, herniated disc pain, sciatica pain, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle and foot pain all benefit from the curative care provided by Dr. Nemirovsky.

    What is Pain Management?

    Pain relief strategies can be as varied as the origin of the pain. Chronic pain is ongoing, disabling pain that stems from a long-term condition or unresolved injury. Acute pain is usually the result of a more immediate injury or a sudden onset condition. Pain management works to significantly reduce your pain level, whether acute or chronic, and establish a safe platform for recovery to begin.

    Pain Relief Treatment – Blended Care

    Dr. Nemirovsky is highly trained in a full range of interventional pain management resources. By conducting a thorough analysis of the cause of your pain, as well as your external pain triggers, he will design a pain management and treatment plan customized to your needs.

    First, he will work to ease your pain and establish a level of comfort that positions you to succeed with conservative rehabilitation. Most patients experience a significant reduction in pain symptoms within just a few sessions. Rather than mask pain symptoms, conservative therapies work simultaneously to alleviate pain and correct the cause.

    Conditions and Treatments

    Depending on your condition, Dr. Nemirovsky will apply a range of pain-relieving and restorative treatments including:

    Active Release Technique® (ART) – repairs soft tissue damage
    Graston Technique® – addresses chronic inflammation and damaged soft tissue
    State-of-the-Art Flexion Distraction – treats disc issues of the back and neck
    Cold-Laser Light Therapy – speeds healing and reduces pain caused by tissue inflammation
    Spinal Manipulation Therapy and Chiropractic – increases spinal mobility and range of motion, speeds recovery time, and improves outcomes
    Kinesiology Taping – supports pain-free range of motion and facilitates healing

    Pain Relief Medication and Surgery

    While conservative care is proven to be highly affective for many musculoskeletal pain conditions, there are patients that require co-managed care with other pain specialists. Often acute pain can be addressed more quickly, while those suffering from chronic, long-term pain may require a more layered approach.

    When needed, Dr. Nemirovsky refers patients to the appropriate provider for more aggressive pain relief consultation. Even patients with the most severe conditions and extreme pain levels can benefit from conservative treatments when layered with medication or other pain-tempering procedures such as injections.

    Dr. Nemirovsky will work closely with these specialists to treat your condition in a way that reduces your dependence on medication, eliminates future pain symptoms, and prevents recurrence.